The Pensions

What is The Pensions Directory?

We know that not every scheme is big enough to need a dedicated website so we’re launching The Pensions Directory so every scheme, no matter what size, can comply with the regulations.

By signing up, you will have your own dedicated page so you can publish information about your scheme, host documents and generate a bespoke (search engine optimised) URL to send to your members.

Features include:

  • Your scheme or company logo
  • A bespoke header (max 10 words)
  • A synopsis of your scheme (max 250 words)
  • Key document hosting (max three documents) per year
  • A document archive
  • Contact details
  • A tailored URL

There is a one off implementation fee of £1,500 and then an annual hosting charge of £500 which includes an annual upload of any new documents.

All schemes must now be online

To get your scheme on The Pensions Directory or to find out more about our website expertise please contact us at: